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Podcast Orchestra – Episode #38

May 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Rob is joined by Philip duBarry once again to talk about some of the recent projects that Philip has been working on. Also, Rob discusses his thoughts on Dr Eureka and then launches a new show segment called Tips. Enjoy!

Games discussed in this episode include: Black Orchestra, Chief Inspector, Kingdom […]


Latest This Board Game Life Video

504 Unboxing

December 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

This game was designed by Friedemann Friese and published in the US by Stronghold Games in 2015. It plays 2-4 players of ages 12+.

One of the HOTTEST games of the Spiele 2015 game fair is 504. This is the amazing new game that boasts as having 504 different games within […]

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Just the right mix of information

I’ve really been enjoying the discussions you have about the different games. It’s just the right mix of information without getting too in depth and boring. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your YouTube videos!
Mike H. – Tempe, AZ

“Two guys talking about games, but their level of knowledge and insight seems really great so far.”
Chris Norwood,
Welcome to my podcast subscriptions list! I came across your podcast last week and I’ve been catching up. I like what I hear so far! Your conversational manner combined withOUT numerous pregnant pauses give you a professional sound right out of the gate.
Mike D., Katy, TX
The content on your show is leagues beyond many shows I have been listening to for ages. How did I only learn about you last week? Love it!
Chris, Waynesville, OH
“Good stuff, especially like the detail you give reviewing games as to what features of a game you like, or not like. I have heard other podcasts that just brush off disliking a game as ‘I just didn’t care for it’, where you go into detail even on things you dislike giving good criticism.”
Mark, Verona, PA
I want you both to know that your podcast is excellent. I am astonished by the quality (sound, content, flow, etc). Most podcasts start off rough, with various kinks to iron out and get MUCH better over time. This board game life sounded great right off the bat! I really appreciate the podcast… It is probably the one I’m most anticipating listening to when a new one comes out and I listen to podcasts all day long at my boring government job!
Todd, Winnipeg, Canada