In this episode Rob continues to go through the backlog of games from earlier in the year. Also, having been in Virgina for work he was able to visit several stores in Richmond and Charlottesville. Hear which ones he liked! The Question of The Show returns. Finally, check out the latest Game Lust! Enjoy!

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:05 New YouTube Channel

00:01:58 Fleet
00:10:17 Copycat
00:16:26 The Resistance
00:20:10 Hanging Gardens
00:26:10 Village
00:28:51 Cartagena
00:34:22 Peloponnes

Store Reviews
00:43:16 Store Reviews Intro
00:44:04 One Eyed Jacques
00:47:22 Dragon’s Den
00:49:29 FTW Games
00:51:15 C’Ville Hobbies Games and Toys
00:53:06 Store Recap

00:53:32 Question of the Show

Game Lust
01:00:48 Trains
01:02:42 Augustus
01:03:36 Ascension Darkness Unleashed
01:06:26 Spyrium

01:07:51 Closing