In this episode Jeff gives out a suggestion for the next big Board Gaming mobile application (1:46), Rob talks about Neuroshima Hex for Android (6:13), the whole Urbion thing (8:03), and how he has still been missing out on Trajan…which prompts Jeff to discuss how he uses BGG and other tools to track thoughts on games and so forth (9:24).

Jeff discusses Infiltration at length (22:35), also Tooth & Nail: Factions Lite (52:07), and then Railways of the World (1:07:39).  Misc. other games played by Jeff and Rob are then discussed (1:19:02) including a brief 3 player session report after Rob takes Zooloretto Wurfelspiel to work (1:19:52).  A contest reminder for 2 Copies of Zooloretto Wurfelspiel follows (1:25:40).

In the Game Lust segment, Jeff mentions The Duke (1:28:46), Sleuth/Venture/Monad (1:32:00), and Rob regurgitates some old lusts (1:34:30).

During Listener Feedback, the hosts answer questions about favorite game mechanics, favorite fillers, favorite dice games, game stores, interviews, online gaming, kickstarter, culling games and more in response to 6 listener emails and 1 voicemail shared on-air (1:36:42).  The hosts then conclude the show (2:23:16).