In this episode Jeff shares his favorite game store experience along with some discussion on two new board game stores that opened up at the same time just blocks away! (1:23)  Jeff then gets a bit pissed off at Sedition Wars (20:43) and reviews the new Quarriors! Quarmageddon expansion along with the base game. (30:06)

Rob talks about Monza (50:38) and the hosts then discuss Lost Cities (53:05), Zooloretto (59:11), and Saint Petersburg (1:04:41).  Rob and Jeff both share separate rants about (1:17:23) and then cover several games in the Game Lust segment including The Hunters: German U-Boats at War (1:23:25), World at War America Conquered (1:24:54), Conflict of Heroes 2nd Edition (1:26:00), Bloody Crossroads (1:26:25), Macao (1:27:08), Vegas (1:31:00) and Victory Point Games (1:31:55).  The hosts then conclude the show. (1:35:20)