Let Them Eat Shrimp! Video Preview

In this video we take a very special preview look at an upcoming game from Dr. Finn’s Games titled Let Them Eat Shrimp! This is a fun and light family game that can be played by adults and children alike. The theme casts you as fish that are looking to […]

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Gem Rush Video Review

In this video we look at the game Gem Rush. This is a simple yet fun card game where you can either race against your opponents or play cooperatively to reach a common point goal. Simple card management is utilized to build and explore a magical gem mine. This game […]

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Indigo Video Review

For this video we take a quick look at how the board is set up and then run through the extremely simple play rules and scoring. The artwork is very vibrant and colorful in this game and the game can easily be enjoyed by people as young as five years […]

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