In this episode Rob takes a look at some more uncommon games that turned out to be exceptional hits. This includes The Institute for Magical Arts, Lectio, Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault and Paperback. Rob also talks about one of his favorite games stores and goes back in time to episode 13 to discuss an update to all the games from that show. Enjoy!

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:47 – Lectio
00:10:54 – Paperback
00:18:00 – Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault
00:28:48 – The Institute for Magical Arts

Game Store
00:46:10 – Games Plus

20 Shows Ago
00:56:41 – 20 Shows Ago
BusyTown Airport
Lords of Waterdeep
Balloon Cup
Tooth & Nail
Sedition Wars – Battle for Alabaster
Twilight Struggle PC Edition

Game Lust
01:02:51 – Doomtown Reloaded
Imperial Settlers

01:05:32 – Recap