This episode begins with a conversation on how Ogre has changed Kickstarter forever including a discussion on launching derivative kickstarters and so forth (1:39). Jeff talks about Steve Jackson Games being raided by an armed force of Secret Service Agents (13:37) and Rob divulges his own secret to creatively financing even more game purchases (22:09).  The hosts go on to discuss quite a few boardgames including Ticket to Ride India (28:31), Numeri + Finito! and other EasyPlay Games from Schmidt Spiele (34:16), Thunderstone Advance (43:57), Coloretto/Zooloreto Würfelspiel (1:09:31), Dominion and other deck building games (1:15:38),  and some updated opinions on Lords of Waterdeep (1:23:57).  Rounding out the show are some teasers for future episodes (1:39:07).