Fans of our show assault us with emails and voicemails resulting in all sorts of discussions. Fzzzt (5:30), Parade (6:45), Gonzaga (8:15), Famiglia (13:45), Ivanhoe (15:15), Meuterer (17:15), Mice & Mystics (19:27), Barbarossa & El Alamein (21:10), Podcast Managers (23:15), Online Gaming Feedback (32:15), FLGS Stores, Kickstarter Feedback & Discussion (39:10), Dragon Rampage, Zombie Dice and other Dice Games, Trumping Games (52:20), Battles of Westeros and Battlelore (58:35), Show format Feedback and Discussions (1:01:00), Negative Reviews, Wargames, No Retreat The Russian Front (1:05:30), Notre Dame, Macao, Zooloretto Wurfelspiel, Coloretto, Teaching Games in Reviews, Other Podcasts (1:10:15), Feedback about the show (1:23:10), Ground Floor, Lords of Waterdeep, Summoner Wars (1:27:26), Game Group Rules, News Sources, Categories for Game Collections, Configuring BGG, Forum Addiction (1:34:15), Hating TBGL Negative Reviews (1:50:20), Getting Rid of Games, Venture Forth, Game Selection (1:59:30), Final Feedback Attack Example (2:13:19), Show Concluding Segment (2:14:01)