This Board Game Life Episode #023 – Tempest and the Winds of Change

//This Board Game Life Episode #023 – Tempest and the Winds of Change

This Board Game Life Episode #023 – Tempest and the Winds of Change

In this episode we start off with a whole bunch of show updates including a new voice mail widget on our site, Facebook group, and our new Twitter account info (TBoardGameLife). After a great comment by Carl on episode #21’s solo gaming stigmas, we introduce our guest host Wendi and then start going through our backlog of games! This is followed up by a brief Chicago Toy and Game Fair report, a Question of the Week, and a recap of the featured games we talked about on this show. Enjoy!

0:35 – Show/Site news
5:01 – Carl’s comment on solo gaming stigmas from ep#21
10:43 – Wendi’s introduction
23:40 – Wendi’s response to Carl’s comment

On the table:
26:11 – LasVegas
37:41 – Hanabi
50:59 – Courtier
1:12:37 – Love Letter

1:23:01 – ChiTAG report with Flingin’ Frogs and Spurtle Turtle
1:31:09 – Wendi’s Question of the Week
1:32:13 – Recap of our thoughts on of the featured games in this show
1:35:19 – Closing

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  1. CarlG December 2, 2012 at 5:49 PM - Reply

    Hi Rob and Wendi! Great show! I am sorry to hear that Jeff is gone as I know you will greatly miss sharing your hobbys of both boardgaming and podcasting with someone that shared your interests so deeply. However, I really appreciated the dynamic that Wendi brings to the show. While Jeff brought a wealth of knowledge, Wendi brings something even more valuable(imho) and that is the non-gamer wife’s perspective. I know there are many out there that are in my same situation(our same situation?) in that my wife is my main gaming partner(either the two of us or with friends), and so if she doesn’t like a game it will probably rarely get played. I feel Wendi will help me discern whether my wife will like certain games that you will talk about on your show.

    Some follow up comments on solo gaming:

    I didn’t mention it in my last comment but I don’t consider playing a game(or a partial game) to learn it as solo gaming. When I first recieve my new games. I read through all their rule books and think them through to make sure I understand them. Oftn I will look through the components or set up a game if things are vague. Then, before I actually play these games with other people I will again take it out earlier and go over the rules and gameplay again so that the gaming experience will go smoothly and so that I can determine the quickest and best way to explain the rules(my wife also isn’t the most patient when it comes to rules explanations;)). For me this is not solo gaming because I am playing through it for a bigger purpose and not simply to have fun by myself. For me I equate this type of solo gaming with me physically going through basketball drills before I implement them at a practice, or with me preaching my upcoming sermon out loud to myself in my office to hear how it will sound on a Sunday morning. I can’t imagine the gong show that playing a game, preaching a sermon, or implementing a drill would be without this previous preperation.

    To answer Wendi’s question:

    There are many reasons why I play boardgames:

    1) I enjoy intellectual challenges and competition and there are not very many ways to do that outside of boardgaming. Also, boardgaming has a creative and explorative side that other intellectual activities(like say doing crosswords for example) don’t have. I love how boardgames don’t have right and wrong answers but simply different ways to achieve a goal and often there are multiple successful paths to discover.

    2) I simply like to “play” actively. How many liesurely activity’s are out there that fall into the “play” category that are not physically active and yet also social? Not many.

    3) It’s an activity I can do with my wife and friends. I like having people over for supper or “coffee” and I love just sitting around and chatting and getting to know people but consistently what will happen(until we get to know a couple really well) is I will end up talking with the other guy(s) and my wife with the ladies. Boardgaming is an activity that we can all do together which everyone can get into. Also, if you are getting to know a couple(which is something that happens quite often for me as a pastor) boardgaming can be a nice thing to do while conversing as considering the game is a welcome way to deal with awkward silences that often happen when just getting to know someone.

    And a few more comments on the show and the boardgaming hobby:

    I enjoyed hearing about Las Vegas! It sounds like it might be a game I can even introduce to my inlaws who we currently only play Mexican Trains with.

    And in response to Wendi concerning Rob’s “weird” hobby: I think any hobby can get out of control if not kept in check. I think my hobbies of boardgaming(and BGGing for that matter) and watching sports can cross over from a relaxing and life enriching hobby to compulsive obsession quite easily if I am not careful. I think we always need to evaluate how we spend our time to see if we are keeping a healthy balance. I think being aware that boardgaming(or watching tv, or cleaning, etc.) can get to an unhealthy point is important to gaurd oneself from unhealthy behavior.

    Anyways, that’s all from me for now! Thanks again for another fun show!

    Happy Gaming!

    Carl G

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