In this episode we start off with a whole bunch of show updates including a new voice mail widget on our site, Facebook group, and our new Twitter account info (TBoardGameLife). After a great comment by Carl on episode #21’s solo gaming stigmas, we introduce our guest host Wendi and then start going through our backlog of games! This is followed up by a brief Chicago Toy and Game Fair report, a Question of the Week, and a recap of the featured games we talked about on this show. Enjoy!

0:35 – Show/Site news
5:01 – Carl’s comment on solo gaming stigmas from ep#21
10:43 – Wendi’s introduction
23:40 – Wendi’s response to Carl’s comment

On the table:
26:11 – LasVegas
37:41 – Hanabi
50:59 – Courtier
1:12:37 – Love Letter

1:23:01 – ChiTAG report with Flingin’ Frogs and Spurtle Turtle
1:31:09 – Wendi’s Question of the Week
1:32:13 – Recap of our thoughts on of the featured games in this show
1:35:19 – Closing