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This Board Game Life Episode #021 – Africana (+ Solo Gaming Stigmas & More!)

Africana is reviewed (2:52), plus updated thoughts on Smash-Up (24:13), Battle Beyond Space (27:12), Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom (28:36), Revolver (29:25), Netrunner (30:18), Seasons (34:31), Agricola All Creatures Big and Small (43:18), Rattus (48:19),  and Friday (50:50). All discussed are Lily Pad (51:53), the PC Game Faster Than Light (54:06), and the Angry Birds Space Board Game (57:02). Up for discussion are solo gaming stigmas (1:03:37) and a Blast from the past review of Liberte (1:18:05).  Gaming Lust for Clash of Cultures (1:29:10) and Revolver 2 (1:31:40) follows bringing the show to a close (1:38:04).

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This Board Game Life Episode #020 – GenCon 2012 Revisited (Part Two)

GenCon 2012 coverage continues with talk about Tablet Apps, Settlers MMO, SolForge, etc. (7:38).  Some other newsworthy stuff including an interesting new Thunderstone Advance Expansion (21:58), and thoughts on Up Front & ASL News (23:15).  The Gencon 2012 Board Gamer’s Dozen kicks off (26:26). Games covered include SmashUp (26:55), Mice & Mystics (45:25), Netrunner (56:16), Star Wars LCG (1:09:21), Libertalia (1:14:37), Urbania (1:23:10), Leviathans (1:32:52), Atlantis Rising (1:41:58), EntDecker Exploring New Horizons (2:02:09), Game of Thrones 2nd Edition (2:17:30), Revolver (2:33:52), Tooth & Nail (2:44:55), and Hemloch (2:50:52).  Following that is The Board Gamer’s Dozen Summary and Ratings Segment (2:58:33) followed by the show wrapup (3:02:58).

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This Board Game Life Episode #019 – GenCon 2012 Part 1 – Top Most Surprisingly Good Games

Jeff & Rob visit GenCon and share their experiences (1:01), talk about the wonderful AEG Board Game Night (8:55), then introduce the GenCon 2012 Top Most Surprisingly Good Games (17:06) along with a new regular segment (19:43).  Games discussed include Dominare (21:23), Merchant of Venus (46:19), Seasons (1:02:49), X-Wing (1:15:47), Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom (1:28:17), Solforge (1:38:11), Battle Beyond Space (1:41:46), and Ascension Immortal Heroes (1:53:11).  The hosts then close out the show (2:00:00).

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This Board Game Life Episode #018 – Feedback Attack

Fans of our show assault us with emails and voicemails resulting in all sorts of discussions. Fzzzt (5:30), Parade (6:45), Gonzaga (8:15), Famiglia (13:45), Ivanhoe (15:15), Meuterer (17:15), Mice & Mystics (19:27), Barbarossa & El Alamein (21:10), Podcast Managers (23:15), Online Gaming Feedback (32:15), FLGS Stores, Kickstarter Feedback & Discussion (39:10), Dragon Rampage, Zombie Dice and other Dice Games, Trumping Games (52:20), Battles of Westeros and Battlelore (58:35), Show format Feedback and Discussions (1:01:00), Negative Reviews, Wargames, No Retreat The Russian Front (1:05:30), Notre Dame, Macao, Zooloretto Wurfelspiel, Coloretto, Teaching Games in Reviews, Other Podcasts (1:10:15), Feedback about the show (1:23:10), Ground Floor, Lords of Waterdeep, Summoner Wars (1:27:26), Game Group Rules, News Sources, Categories for Game Collections, Configuring BGG, Forum Addiction (1:34:15), Hating TBGL Negative Reviews (1:50:20), Getting Rid of Games, Venture Forth, Game Selection (1:59:30), Final Feedback Attack Example (2:13:19), Show Concluding Segment (2:14:01)

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This Board Game Life Episode #017 – Dominant Creatures Big & Small

In this episode Jeff & Rob beat up on video gaming a bit then Jeff takes a pre-Gencon Indy Tour and lays out his Gencon Plans (9:25). Jeff also issues an important warning about several Indiegogo Board Game projects (12:48) while Rob talks more Dr. Who The Card Game (20:29) and how Yucata.de has been destroyed (26:42).  Rob focuses on reviewing Agricola All Creatures Big & Small (34:13) while Jeff lays out his case for and against Dominant Species The Card Game (46:25).  The hosts then wrapup the show (1:08:04).

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