In this show Rob talks about the latest happenings with This Board Game Life including the new video review initiative! After a quick discussion on the Spiel des Jahres winners and some foamcore videos, he talks about Kickstarter and some of the games that were interesting over the past few months. Then the games discussion begins with the start of the discussion on the backlog of games and a quick Game Lust section. Enjoy!!!! (There were some technical difficulties with a microphone in this episode which was not very correctable. Apologies in advance.)

00:00 Intro
01:40 This Board Game Life Updates!
New Logo, Updated Site, Geeklist and Video Reviews!
10:15 DIY foamcore insert instructional videos
12:09 Spiel des Jahres discussion
15:40 Kickstarter discussion and what I backed recently: Ouya, Solforge, Family Vacation, Dungeon Dice, Eminent Domain, Belfort Expansion, Gears and Piston, Battle for Stalingrad, Amerigo, Snowdonia 2nd Printing, Euphoria, Keyflower Celeste, New Amsterdam

00:26:35 Hanabi
00:29:04 Urbion
00:33:56 Qwixx
00:35:30 Pinata
00:37:49 Clash of Cultures
00:42:42 Yedo
00:46:24 Brugge
00:50:10 Castles of Burgundy
00:52:38 Alien Frontiers
00:56:29 Voluspa
01:01:50 Dominion Guilds
01:04:54 Ascension: Rise of Vigil

Game Lust
01:10:01 Targi
01:12:34 Robinson Crusoe
01:13:09 Augustus
01:13:39 Brugge

01:14:04 Out