In this episode we begin with some commentary on Wil Wheaton and the upcoming Tabletop show, Jeff lets us in on a great deal on Gaming Bookshelves coming up, and Rob brings up the new Martin Wallace game, a Few Acres of Fantasy. Jeff shares details on a couple of frustrating online plays and goes on to review the Kosmos game Kahuna. Rounding out discussions on recently played games the hosts discuss 1812: The Invasion of Canada as well as a classic game, Racko. Rob then introduces a new show segment, Game Lust, where Jeff and Rob both detail what new games on the horizon they’ve been dying to acquire or have even just received. Lots of games are discussed including Manhattan Project, Vinhos, Lords of Waterdeep, Stone Age: Style is the Goal, 7 Wonders Expansions, Ticket to Ride Expansions, Kingdom Builder: Nomads, Thunderstone & Thunderstone Advance, Last Will, Rex: Final Days of the Empire, A Variety of upcoming Queen Games, 1989: Dawn of Freedom, and Dominant Species the Card Game.