In this episode Jeff & Rob finally weigh in on their opinions on all things kickstarter (1:28).  Jeff talks about what might make him back a project at the $10,000 level that a recent RPG title received multiple $10,000 backings for.  Several suspicions are mentioned around why some well known game publishers are utilizing kickstarter so heavily and a conversation on when it would in fact be acceptable for Fantasy Flight Games to use kickstarter.  The hosts continue by discussing the debut episode of Tabletop (18:59), the latest G4 boardgame show, and ask why is BGG so newb unfriendly?  Finally Jeff & Rob talk about their recent gaming experiences at TableCon 2012 (37:00) with a detailed discussion on Lords of Waterdeep (40:20) and a discussion/session report on Fantasy Flight’s REX (56:52).