In this episode Rob is on the road again, this time visiting the Game Parlor in Chantilly Virginia (1:49). Rob details his in store visit while debating with Jeff what exactly is great and not so great about an average FLGS experience. Jeff continues with his thoughts on the kickstarter launch of the new Ipad/Boardgame Battle of the Bulge (24:54) and further makes some comparisons to Petroglyph’s Panzer General (32:08). Both hosts discuss just what happens when somebody else decides to reorganize your game shelves (36:57) and then cover various possibilities for further game shelf organization.

Rob details games he has been playing recently with his three and a half year old son including Numeri and Pop the Pig (51:51) and proceeds with discussions on Gloom (54:34), and then Dice Trays and Dice Towers (56:51) which leads to brief coverage of the children’s games Busytown: Eye found it! (1:02:26) and Busytown: Busy, Busy Airport (1:04:10). Rob finishes up his list with a brief mention of Kingdom of Solomon (1:08:09) and some hating for Can’t Stop (1:09:40).

Jeff goes into quite some detail on a variety of his recent plays including MIL 1049 (1:14:53), and Nefarious (1:33:50) which leads to some discussion on MEGAcquire and also the Albino Dragon announcement made elsewhere. Rounding out Jeff’s list is the deck builder Barbarossa (1:55:57) and Lords of Vegas (2:08:24).

In this episode’s Game Lust segment (2:18:09), Jeff lusts over Axis & Allies Angels 20 (2:19:10), Star Wars: X-Wing (2:21:18), and Dust Warfare (2:24:38). Rob finishes things up with some game lust for Saint Malo (2:24:38) and the hosts then wrap up the show with their closing segment (2:27:23).