In this episode Rob is on the road yet again, this time reviewing some Dallas Game Stores (1:33). Jeff talks about some upcoming Plaid Hat Stuff (10:17) along with this emerging Android Universe thing/Netrunner (14:15). The hosts finally get around to their ALL THINGS FELD segment (18:10) which is the culmination of Jeff’s personal quest to play again all stefan feld games at least two times each in recent months before rendering current and/or final opinions on each. Discussed are Notre Dame (20:45), In The Year of the Dragon (27:08), Macao (40:02), Luna (52:22), Speicherstadt (1:06:02), Strasbourg (1:21:39), Castles of Burgandy/Die Burgen von Burgund (1:27:46), Trajan (1:36:25), Kaispeicher (1:44:54), and Rialto (1:53:02). Jeff then quickly summarizes his opinions on each game while rating and ranking them (1:55:15).

The hosts continue with some other non-feld games they’ve been playing lately including Angry Birds (1:57:31), Take a Hike (2:02:45), A&A Angels 20/Wings of War (2:04:03), and Twilight Struggle (2:07:31). In this weeks GAME LUST segment, Jeff lusts over Small World Realms (2:13:27) and Game of Thrones 2nd Edition (2:15:10) while Rob talks more about Saint Malo and Village (2:17:54) along with 1989 (2:18:31). The hosts then close out the show with a brief look at whats coming up next time (2:20:30).