We are giving away two brand new Abacusspiele German import copies of Zooloretto Wurfelspiel provided by the shows hosts, Jeff and Rob. (Each copy is part of a separate drawing).

The first requirement just to qualify for contest entry is to join our BoardGameGeek.com guild found at:

This Board Game Life BGG Guild

To then be entered into both drawings, call our voicemail at (754)444.TBGL or (754)444.8245 (Or you can email us a pre-recorded .mp3 file of your voice message).

To be entered into a single drawing, send us an email at contact@thisboardgamelife.com.

Your voicemail message or email could contain:

  • Comments on our show
  • Your opposing view on anything we’ve rendered our opinion on
  • Thoughts on a game you’ve recently played
  • Your brief boardgame related rant
  • A request for us to review or comment on a specific game
  • Anything else you can think of

Your Voicemail and/or Email entries may be aired on a future episode of This Board Game Life and we may also choose to quote you on this very website.

The reason we would like you to join our BGG guild is so we have another way to contact you should you not leave us your email on the voicemail, so we can include where your from should you not mention it, and just because we are curious about our listeners in general.

Thanks and good luck!!!