During this episode we announce our first contest: Two separate chances to win a new German import copy of Zooloretto Wurfelspiel provided by the hosts, Rob and Jeff.

Rob and Jeff begin this show with a discussion on the Curt Schilling 38 Studios Gaming Fiasco (1:35), talk briefly about the Martin Wallace Doctor Who Card Game (9:34), and debate at length doing negative reviews of kickstarter games (14:49). The hosts also revisit their tabletop thoughts and present an idea for a better show next season (28:39).

The Boardgamer’s Dozen begins and includes Zooloretto Wurfelspiel (33:34), Ground Floor (47:43), Mob Ties (1:02:50), Empires of the Void (1:08:19), Gunship: First Strike (1:14:02), Merchant of Venus + A bit on the licensing issues as well (1:25:31), Chronicle (1:42:42), Valdora (1:47:18), Manhattan Project (1:58:23), Airlines Europe (2:01:18), Cash ‘n Guns (2:06:25), Shadow Hunters (2:11:49), Tsuro (2:15:43), and finally Jeff’s final thoughts on each game with each game ranked against the others in Boardgamer’s Dozen fashion (2:19:49).

Some other games discussed then are Jaipur (2:24:56), Hanging Gardens (2:28:04) and general game discussion wrapup, yucata comments, CCG/LCG thoughts and more (2:34:14).

The Game Lust segment this week includes brief longing for Africana (2:41:32), Rapa Nui (2:43:56), Trajan (2:44:14), and Agricola All Creatures Big and Small (2:44:58).

The hosts then share Listener Feedback (2:47:22) and wrapup the show (2:52:53)