The Walking Dead TV show is one of the finest shows on television at the moment… and this is coming from someone that doesn’t normally care for zombie movies/shows. On the gaming front, we have had a mixed bag when it comes to the Walking Dead.

Last year we had the fantastic episodic video game from Telltale Games (do yourself a favor and play this NOW!) and the recent not so good Walking Dead Survival Instincts. On the board game front there’s one board game based on the comic book and another based on the TV show. Now, enter a THIRD contender!

Cryptozoic is releasing a Walking Dead card game based on Wolfgang Kramer’s popular 6 Nimmt! game. The game will have two play modes, a Survival game that’s for 3-10 players, and a Hero game that’s for 2-6. The game comes with 114 cards and retails for a mere $15.00. This is one I will definitely pick up!

Look for it on the shelves soon after it’s April 12th release date!